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What Causes Tooth Decay and Cavities and Probable Treatments

Talking of matters dental health and hygiene, one of the most common problems affecting many, both kids and adults, is that of tooth decay. By far and large, tooth decay can be said to be the result of the softening of the tooth enamel and this is often due to the damage caused therein by the plaque bacteria which break down the sugars there are in the mouth. Where this loss of mineral in the tooth is left untreated over time, it results in the formation of a hole in the tooth and this is what is referred to as a cavity. In the event that such are not as well treated in time, then these holes grow larger over time and in time, they get to result in a destruction of the whole tooth.

These plaque acids as well can eat into the next layer of tooth known as the dentin and this is where we see the resulting effect of a root cavity, a hole in the root of the tooth. By and large, when such a root cavity has been formed on the tooth, the end result would be the exposing of the nerves of the tooth and when these are so exposed, you start to have that painful feeling or discomfort when you eat or drink. From this, we can already see the fact that one of the signs of dental problems like tooth decay would be such a feeling of pain when you eat or drink, felt at the root of the teeth or tooth and if so be the case, then consider consulting with a dental health expert to help reverse the problem before it worsens.

Note the fact that taking good care of your teeth is an important part of maintaining your overall health and wellness which of course entails preventing as much as can be the feared dental cavities. Like we have already seen, a dental cavity results from tooth decay which all but happens to be a sign of poor dental hygiene and health. Here under is a look at some of the common causes of teeth decay that we should be aware of to help prevent this very common dental health problem.

Just as we have already seen mentioned, there is such a process to the formation of teeth cavities and these actually begin with the demineralization or the loss of minerals in the teeth to the plaque bacteria eating into the teeth or tooth to the point where they end up forming the holes in the tooth, known as cavities, which at the end of the day if left untreated can be a sure cause for destruction of the whole teeth.

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